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We are a one stop event planning company located in  Dubai. We are focused on fulfilling our clients’ needs and expectations through our satisfactory services and creativity as our trained and experienced team is ready at your service.

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Upcoming Events

Africa Food Festival – November 2018

The African Food Festival is set for November 2018. And it's not just about food. Over the years, Africa Food Festival has become a networking platform for the black community in Dubai and is all about celebrating African culture. More updates…

How Dubai Became A Leading Tourism Attraction

The flamboyant city of Dubai is a home for tourists from all over the world and RCCG Events is making visiting Dubai easy for many. The country's rich cultural history and infrastructure makes her the tourism capital of the world.…

Choose Dubai As Your Next Vacation Spot And Let’s Make It Memorable

Thinking of a summer vacation spot? You probably just up your mind and now, you’re wondering how to get it all done quickly without being stressed on any level. Remember your dreams of going to the beautiful city of Dubai?…

Want A Memorable Destination Wedding? Dubai Is Your Best Bet

Ever dared to dream of planning a destination wedding? Do you just like the fantasies or are you trying to flee from something like unnecessary family drama? Maybe for you, it was simply a matter of having your dream wedding;…

African Textile/Fashion Festival – January 2019

To celebrate Africa and its rich culture we are happy to host Africa Fashion Festival in UAE in January 2019. Our African heritage is a representation of our origin, our culture and symbolism as Africans which is why Africa Fashion Festival…

Highlights of CRFI 2018 Business Submit in Dubai

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