Thinking of a summer vacation spot? You probably just up your mind and now, you’re wondering how to get it all done quickly without being stressed on any level. Remember your dreams of going to the beautiful city of Dubai? That’s right! This is the perfect time fulfill your dreams and wishes. Don’t think of how to get it all done quickly,we at RCCG Events are always ready to come your rescue.

Whether the aim of your holiday is to rest and rejuvenate, for glamour or for adventure, Dubai is definitely a great place for you. Thinking of booking a skydiving trip, hiking through Hajar Mountain range or taking a safari is definitely mind-blowing. How about windsurfing, sailing, and diving? These activities are worth looking forward to, and you’ll get the best of it in the city of Dubai.

Asides the tourist attraction, the beauty of the city and the fact that you will meet other tourists; coming from all over the world would to spend time in the beautiful city, you trip would also double as a time to shop and our guides are always on ground to put you through and ensure that you get exactly everything you need. Dubai is the perfect spot for you to relax with its luxurious atmosphere that takes your mind off the hustle and bustle of work.

Vacations come with a pause. They are usually a time to rest, reflect and refresh ourselves so we can bounce back at work in a more productive manner. Vacations shouldn’t be the time for you to struggle with getting a ticket, planning a trip, or making enquiries on the tours and fun places to visit.

That could amount to a different level of stress. So why not leave it to the professionals to handle? Why not let your money do the work for you and leave the planning of your trip to professionals who have been in the business for years. Let RCCG Events go through the stress for you. We can achieve all you want your vacation at Dubai to be with our services.

Thinking of a vacation this summer would definitely come with thinking of how to get a Visa without stress, flight booking, lodging price and the likes of it. If this is the case for you, then I have good news for you. At RCCG Events, we cover everything, from the point you make a decision to take a vacation to Dubai to the point where you get back to your base.

We have a very affordable 3months Visa package at the rate of USD 500 (N180,000) per person. We also help you cover flight booking, hotel lodging and tour packages. All you have to do is pay, relax and see everything happen smoothly.
In addition to these things, if you need to plan an event (such as a birthday celebration) on your trip, we’ll get it done for you.
Let RCCG events step into the game and you’ll be set for a trip you would never forget.