AFF Team

Hey Dear,


Can’t decide how you can help?


There are lots to do putting on a great event – have a look through this list and see where you think you’d fit best. Make the most of your volunteer experience by learning and enjoying!


And, we are excited to have you on the amazing AFF team.

Festival Setup


  • Work with the direction of the Coordinator or Assistants
  • Loading and unloading gear, equipment and tools
  • Moving gear equipment and tools to staging areas by vehicle
  • Various setup activities could include: Assembling tents, constructing stages, setting up fences, setting up tables and chairs, helping with audio-visual equipment, hanging or erecting signage, decorating.
  • Running errands

Festival Tear Down & Clean Up


  •  Loading and unloading gear, equipment and tools
  • Moving gear equipment and tools to storage areas by vehicle
  • Various teardown activities could include: Taking down tents and repacking, deconstructing of stages, removing fencing, taking down tables and chairs, packing up all audio-visual equipment, removing all signage, and other items from around the festival grounds.
  • Cleaning various areas – inside and outside
  • Running errands

Vendors, Sponsors, and Consulates Booth Assitant


  • Assist Festival Food, Art, Craft, and Fashion vendors with booth set-up as required.
  • Answer questions, provide directions.
  • Also, assist and supports the Sponsors and Consulates.

Crowd Control & Parking Assitant


  • Coordinates parking for all VIPS, attendees, entertainers and park goers
  • Direct incoming vehicles to appropriate locations
  • Facilitate the orderly parking of the many vehicles that come to the African Food Festival
  • Show the festival attendees the designated entries and exits of the park.



  • Ushers will guide people to their seats, or perhaps to certain booths or events.
  • These volunteers create a welcoming environment and prevent attendees
    from feeling silly for not knowing where to go next.
  • Greet and welcome festival attendees
  • Provide information and answer questions
  • Check VIP passes
  • Help keep area clean and tidy
  • Run various errands

Stage Hand


  • Assist in the assembly and disassembly of set productions and equipment
  • Assist with video, sound and light production before, during and after sets
  • Clean up the stage and backstage areas after performances
  • Help Entertainers and Sound Crew with various tasks
  • Assist the Stage/Venue Manager and the Sounds Crew to stay on time

Kids Area Supervisor


  • Set up, organize, and clean-up projects, games and activities
  • Encourage youth and children with kindness to be creative, respectful and enjoy the area
  • Assist parents and children with activities
  • Be aware of unsafe activities and address as needed
  • Report suspicious persons to security or your coordinator

Roving Security / Peace Patrol


  • Conflict resolution
  • Provide public safety by protecting people and property, and promoting good community relations
  • Call for a Coordinator if there is a situation you are uncomfortable handling
  • Overall, maintaining a happy, healthy and safe environment for everyone
    Provide first aid or notify first aid workers if the situation arises

First Aid


  • Render first aid and subsequent treatment to injured or ill attendees
  • Recommend and refer people or workers with injuries for further serious medical treatment
  • Call for a coordinator, 999 for Police. 998 for Ambulance. 997  for the Fire Department (Civil Defence)
  • Overall, maintain a happy, healthy and safe environment for everyone

Marketing and Press


  • Handle AFF social media accounts in the days leading up to Festival and on the day of the festival
  • Capturing key moments of the festival using the media type you are most proficient with
  • Interviews attendees about their experience during the festival
  • Interview competitors

Pre Festival Team


  • Assist the AFF organizers 2-3 days
  • Conduct inventory against the list of needed supplies; prepare a list of what supplies are needed
  • Provide off-site phone coverage and general office assistance in the days leading up to Festival.



  • A runner can fill in the gaps, run errands, or even take over a role for someone who didn’t show up
  • Basically, the superhero of the festival…
Volunteer Confirmation
Please do not choose more than 2 roles