Ever dared to dream of planning a destination wedding? Do you just like the fantasies or are you trying to flee from something like unnecessary family drama? Maybe for you, it was simply a matter of having your dream wedding; one in which you would have the most important people in your life. While still daydreaming of your perfect destination wedding, the time for planning comes and many questions keep running through your mind; “In what city? Who do I know in that city? Who can help me through the process and still work with my budget?”
Have no worries, we’ve got you!

Wedding bloggers, and photo journalists have reported destination weddings more often in recent times. This further increases the desire of many to have a destination wedding; which has already become a trend. In recent times, 1 out of every 4 weddings is usually a destination wedding. The average number of guests at a destination wedding is 86. This is a great number to work with for people who like the idea of it, but are scared of costs.

Asides costs, a destination wedding gives you privacy and leaves you with only the people closest to you; taking out the problem of family drama that comes with many weddings.

Destination weddings are totally stress-free. Also, the city you choose for the destination of your wedding can easily double as your honeymoon city. When you think of a destination wedding, you can also think of it as a vacation taken by you and your spouse with the most important people in your lives; making it easy for them to mix and mingle. This way, you will begin your family life on a great note; with an already existing bond between the people you and your spouse value the most.

When you think of scenery like this, without a doubt, Dubai would be a great choice. With it’s amazing buildings (which have been described as “record-breaking”), glittering coastline and east-meets-west culture; Dubai has become a well-known top travel destination.

In the first half of 2018, up to 8.1million tourists visited Dubai. Looking for a combination of an exotic spot to hold your destination wedding and a great place to hold your honeymoon? Look no further than Dubai.
The thought of planning a traditional wedding alone may bring you much worry; let alone planning a destination wedding in Dubai.

At this point, you should know that planning a destination wedding in Dubai wouldn’t be a worry because RCCG EVENTS LLC. has got you covered!
At RCCG events, we understand that planning a wedding, let alone planning a destination wedding can be very tedious and tiring. This is why you need us to make your wedding a massive success. From organization to arrangement and making sure you have an experience of your life; we will walk by you—side by side. We help our clients get halls in Dubai that are just perfect for their weddings! We are great at working with budgets and we cater for your guests to details. We also help to ensure that you have the perfect wedding theme, your bridal train and your groomsmen are well organized for your day and even get an efficient minister for your marriage blessing. You just have to tell us exactly what you want and we are sure to deliver.

Now that you know that there’s an event company you can bank on in Dubai, you may be wondering, “Why should I pick Dubai over other nice cities to visit in the world?”

Here are some reasons why you should:

  • Countless amazing venues to suit your wedding: The venues at Dubai are indeed one of a kind. In the beautiful city are many skyscrapers, iconic hotels and the most amazing architectures in the world.
    One of the most widely known buildings is Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is 2,716 feet tall! The view from the top is panoramic.
    The hotels and resort in Dubai are second to none. Whatever fantasies (in terms of settings) you have can be fulfilled in the wonderful city.
  • Multicultural Heritage: As the global business hub the city is, most of it’s residents are not natives. Hence, you get a mix of culture in Dubai. From food, to custom, to the people that surround you; the multicultural identity of Dubai can be of great advantage to you.
    You can sample different cultures in Dubai and you are sure to enjoy them. Since it is an international community, their customs are far more flexible than other Middle Eastern cities.
    Beautiful Natural Setting on the Coast of the Perusian Golf
    The warm water of the Perusian Golf courses into Dubai; hence, visitors can enjoy the beaches. There are also several artificial Islands in Dubai. This includes the palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah.
  • Thrilling options for adventures:
    If you choose to ditch glamour and choose adventure, Dubai has you covered. This would be lots of fun for you and your spouse. You can go sailing, diving or windsurfing on the city’s coastline too. This would make your wedding period such a memorable one.
    From booking a skydiving trip, to hiking through the Hajar Mountain range or even taking a 4×4 on a safari through the nearby desert; you are sure to have a perfect mix of fun and adventure in Dubai.
  • Many options for a honeymoon to remember: The commitment to luxury and glamour characterize Dubai. For this reason, apart from the great atmosphere to enjoy, there are several ways to spoil yourself on a honeymoon in this city; as opposed to travelling to another city for your vacation.

Here are some things you can do with your spouse during your honeymoon in Dubai:

• Book a private yacht tour
• Enjoy the vibrant nightlife
• Have a day at the spa
• Shopping spree at traditional market and luxury stores
• Pay a visit to a tropical oasis or Dubai’s artificial Islands.

You can have a statement destination wedding in Dubai without any worries. Hand over the structuring, planning and organising activities to RCCG events.

We also specialise in organising wedding anniversaries and any other event you are in need of. Contact us via email (support@rccgevents.com) or call +971 4 565 7608, or send a Whatsapp message to +971567786760 and be assured that you are in for the time of your life.